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Walking in Faith

Where does the journey begin?  With the courage and willingness to take that first step.  How often does doubt and fear keep me from trying.  Fear and doubt are two of the biggest obstacles I find I have to overcome, wish I could say every once in awhile but it is often. 

But here's what I found I have those that support and encourage me, not to mention I do have the One who will guide my steps if I am willing to let HIM. 

I have been beyond blessed with some amazing people come into my life, funny how many have come in all due to an animal or a hobby.  And how grateful I am for each one of them, I pray I can be an encourager to them, someone that is willing to lift them up when they need it.

I often think of Barabbas, nickname Son of Encouragement.  Can I hold similar characteristic as Barabbas, courageous and willing to step out in faith, going tp places not many were willing to go!  Just a few things that come to mind.

Stepping out in faith doesn't mean things will go your way but it is a willingness to try and possibly fail and picking yourself up and knowing that wasn't a fail but a learning experience!

I will share crazy daily happenings and fun stories and some truths of my life here to hopefully encourage and bless you all!

God Bless you all

Be the Blessing today!!


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