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Plowing ahead

Some days I'm not sure which end of the plow I'm on, Pushing it or pulling it or getting pushed by it!

Those are the days I just keep moving ahead and sometime stop to try and remember which direction I was going to go!!  It has become a lifestyle lol, I'm afraid I don't know much difference, but I know this I have been blessed with those that support and believe, that it makes any struggle seem small.  Been blessed with so much and I feel great joy when I get the chance to give to another!

Funny thing is you don't have to have a lot to be able to give to others!  Crazy time of year right now the next couple months are usually our roughest waiting for spring!  But we always get to the other side and there is always plenty of blessings to share!

There are two things that come to my mind when I think of plowing.

1kings 19:19-21, Luke9:62

What are am I willing to give up in order to see what the Lord's will is for me?!  What worldly things still have me tied up!

Hope you all have a blessed day!

It's starting to snow a bit here, might get enough to actually plow!  Some snow makes for a great soap making day!  :)

Be the blessing today


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