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It's a PUZZLE not a perfect picture!!

To be completely honest, it's crazy how often I feel lazy. I need to be doing otherwise I feel guilty like wow I didn't accomplish anything!

That's a huge challenge with this business. You do but it's like planting seeds you might not see any results or they come in later when you are wondering if what you've done has even been worth the time.

Being an instant result society definitely has it's challenging when building from the ground up. But I guess that's where faith comes in and willingness to keep going even when it seems like nothing is moving at the speed you'd like it too!

I just remember a clip froma book I read this winter, people that are truly successful and have accomplished excellence learn to train and continue even through the boring and mundane times.

To get to skills above average you must go through average (boredom) to get to excellence. It takes faith and trust but even more so discipline, which quite honestly has been one of the biggest most difficult things in my life.

Being disciplined isn't something that comes naturally to me in fact I've often run from all forms of discipline. But I've realized that's probably been one of my biggest things holding me back!

Now crazy thing, I like change, I like movement, I like doing different things, and learning experiencing different things. So with that I've done a lot of things and I take them to a level I'm happy with, but I know there is so much more I could do if I so choose to do it!

I think of this quote

”You can do ANYTHING, but you can't do everything”

That's hard to accept but I know its true to become excellent at something one must weed out the things that are just consuming time not with any fruitful purpose!

Do you know if you study/do for 1 hour a day a certain topic for 5 years you will become above the average possibly an expert in knowledge in that field but I want to take it further!

I think I will study/do/ learn a couple things an hour or more everyday so I'm a well rounded person but my biggest challenge is only choosing a couple things I want it all. But then I go ok wait what is the the list of things now what is the priority in each and focus on the top ones.

And when I do this I have in my head, the reason I do this is because the goal is for it to do that so then I can do this and it just goes on from there!

Why do I do what I do, what is the bigger picture, what is the purpose and what will this do for the bigger picture or the next goal. It's all like a huge puzzle, not a perfect picture!

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