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Demolish or Refurbish

Stayed up late getting edited pictures of products on the website last night, because I had a whole list of To Do today! Woke to finish up the Automated Giveaway this morning, got it done but not sure links are working as I want. But one picks your battles right!

Then had to hay the horses and do some fencing to move some horses to the farm. Crazy how it's already May 1st!!

After that I wanted to do some spring cleaning in the yard, it's been a long winter!!! But then I got distracted by the skid steer if you know me at all you know I spend many hours in the skid steer, but today lol I had some refurbishing to do, well as my husband and daughter might say some demolition. The kind of work you see progress and it makes you want to keep going with a smile on your face!

And now it's after dinner and I am looking at more computer work and planning some new labels for the special soap order for the Kentucky Horse Park. I like days that you can see your progress, the days when I am marketing are tough days, not only does it feel like I'm not accomplishing anything, I also don't get to see the results like skid steer work, fencing, training horses, or soap making. I guess I just keep a healthy balance between all.

What I do know is I know a little about a lot of things, but I plan on not just knowing but using the knowledge I have gained. What's crazy is I am confident that I could start a new business or product whenever I want and know exactly how I would market and pursue it all. Now 2 months ago I had no clue I was floating around trying to learn as much as I could, I still am learning just not floating around anymore. Now I've not only have learned about strategy marketing I am doing it for the first time. No more throwing it out there and hoping to catch someone but actually looking and investing in my customers so I can give them exactly what they wanted AND more!!

Soap color wheel Love me some Milk and Honey Soap
Be the Blessing Studio

With that said anyone that has signed up for our VIP Exclusive Club makes sure to check your email for your special reward from us! Don't forget to check your junk file if you didn't receive an email from us!

Have a Blessed day


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