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Updated: Apr 27, 2019

What's it mean to believe? One can say but when things get real, actions sometimes don't quite line up with saying one believes.

Read an intriguing story about a person who believed and was willing to risk walking away with nothing because he wouldn't settle for what others wanted him to do.

And with that strong belief he became one of the most successful individuals of his time.

Many will say they believe, but when there is something at risk many times they will walk away from something they said they believed in.

What's faith and belief look like, I'm certain the two go hand and hand. One for me seems to be the action of the other.

When does believing actually move to faith, where one will put all trust into someone or something even if that means there is a risk or there could be a struggle with that faith. Isn't that when faith becomes a little more real when you put your trust into it, above and beyond anything else.

Just some evening thought.

Have a blessed night


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