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Nourishing De-Tangler

Our Super Model

Our Handcrafted nourishing de-tangler will nourish and strengthen your horse's mane and tail.  And an added bonus it will also nourish their skin and yours too.




Just real nourishing oils that have been blended together to give the best possible results to keep the outside as healthy as the inside,

We love our horses, we want to give them the best.  Our product is filled with ingredients that have nourishing factors along with natural properties to keep hair and skin manageable and healthy.

Coconut Oil

     Moisturizes hair

     Add Luster, shine, and softens

     Prevents breakage and split ends

Shea Oil

     Rich in vitamin E, Fatty Acids, and Minerals

     Prevents dry hair and skin

     Moisturizes, soften, and conditions

     Strengthening to promote growth

     Contains antifungal and antibacterial properties

     Gives hair freshness, brilliance, and luster

Jojoba Oil

     High in vitamin E and B-complex for skin repair and regenerate

     Moisturizing hair and follicles without leaving residue

Argan Oil

      Promotes growth and thickness, adding natural shine, moisturizing

      Makes more manageable and healthier

      High concentration of vitamin A and E

Meadowfoam seed Oil

      Locks in moisture, adds luster, rejuvenates hair

      Provides protection against harsh rays of the sun

Chia Oil

      Contains High Omega- Fatty Acids, Protein

      Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, niacin, iron, and zinc

      Antioxidant benefits, moisturizing hair

We don't need to lubricate the hair we need to feed it, we need to nourish it, and make it healthier.  When I get the hair healthier it is not brittle or snarly, it becomes and stay soft and manageable.

Look at a long tail, they with wind and use will get tangled and if dry will become brittle and break.  Yet if the hair is healthy it won't break of, if moisturized healthy nourished hair will release and regain it's form.

You think of a leaf, easiest way I can explain it, if you have a dry leaf and you go to touch it's brittle and will break.  Now take a healthy leaf and touch it and it will regain it's form.

We are about nourishing the hair and skin!  All these oils have been used in the cosmetic world for years.  A couple of the highly sought after because of the valuable properties they give to the hair and skin!

This product and all it's natural properties that the oil carry is completely safe for the humans and the equine.

If we nourish the hair it will become healthier, which will make t more manageable and tangle-FREE, with all Natural Oils!

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