Sales Consultant

  After you read the details and purchasing your Sales Consultant Kit, click on the Consultant Member and sign up as a member.  Before we ship your kit we will email you further paperwork to finalize your membership!!  We are so excited to have you with us on our journey!  We believe together we will bless more people than ever imagined!

  All sales consultants must be 18 years old or older and a legal resident of the US. We will need a social security number, copy of a driver's license or passport or green card and current address for tax purposes. Email address and phone number.


  All sales consultants are responsible for their own taxes and will be issued 1099 in Jan for commissions more than $600 in the previous year.


  What are the benefits of becoming a sales consultant?

You get the freedom and control of how much you earn and when you earn income.


  How much can I make?

Everyone starts:

20 percent commissions on gross sales up to $500

25 percent commissions on gross sales of $501-1500

30percent commissions on gross sales of $1501 on up


  Is there a membership fee?

No there is no yearly membership fee

You keep you commissions level by having at least one sale in a 12 month period.

If no sale in  12 months you will be placed back to 20 percent commissions and start over.


  Do I have to have parties?

You choose how your sale.

You want to have parties, GREAT.  It's a great way of expanding your reach while having a great time.


  You want to sale on one on one, awesome. Go have coffee and great conversation while sharing your products.


  You can have a basket party!

So people can leisurely shop when it's convenient for them.  It's another great way to leave the stress out and invite people in.


  We do not restrict the way and source you choose to share our products with others.

We do not allow you to sell on eBay or Craigslist. Can not relabel or sale for less than our retail price.


  Can a consultant also be a host?

Yes, if you are having a hard time finding others to have a party have one yourself. You will receive commission and host rewards.


  How do I accept payment?

Cash and checks will be processed through your account and you will pay via PayPal or Square to Be the Blessing Studio.

PayPal  or Square is also where you will process all credit and debit card orders.

You will need to purchase a card reader with whatever party you sign up with for processing credit cards.  


  When will sales consultant get their commissions paid?

You get paid immediately when you place your orders.  When you become a sales consultant you will also receive a coupon code for your commission that you will apply to your order before you pay, so that means you get your commission immediately.  


  How does shipping work?

We ship to the sales consultants for parties free of charge. This gives the sales consultant a chance to build a relationship with the customers.

There is an option to drop ship directly to an address of the buyers choice for a shipping fee if they so choose.


  What are the drop shipping fees?

Orders of

$5-50 Shipping $8

$51-150 Shipping $18

$151-250 Shipping $25

$251-up Shipping FREE


  How to earn FREE Product??

The only way to earn free product is to be a Host and have a party.


  What are the Rewards for a host?

10 % of Gross Sales of $1-1000

15% of Gross Sales of $1001-up


  How does the host rewards work?

At the close of the Party, the host will receive an email from BTBS sharing the amount of free product they have earned. They can simply put an order in via the sales consultant and items will get shipped with the party orders.


  How soon will orders ship?

We do our best to ship within 5 working days of orders and payments received.

Please remember these are handmade items so there may be times of backorders.

We will notify customers and sales consultants if this happens.

Also, Customers and Sales consultant will get a notification email when order is shipped so they will know when to expect delivery.


  Does BTBS take returns?

Yes, We offer exchanges, no refunds, product returned must be in resellable condition.


  Are there bonuses?

We are excited to offer, top sellers, quarterly bonuses! The more we sale as a company the more we can give back as bonuses.


  We have a support group that is private on Fb you will be added to, to help assist and support all our sales consultants! Also, you will have access to the maker for any questions or concerns!

  Our goal is not to just make a sale but to build relationships with people that will come back time and time again.

Making a sale is great but building a relationship will take you farther than one sale!