About Be the Blessing Studio

Welcome to Be the Blessing Studio, we wear many hats here.

  First, we have four kids who keep us very busy, even as two have graduated and started their lives it seems we still are just as busy traveling and so forth.  We are self-employed and have branched out into different areas that we've decided to share with others.


  I'm Julie, the creator working daily in the studio for you.  I spend lots of time tending to family, friends, and our animals.  I love creating products with my hands, that has value and purpose to enrich others lives.


  Which then sent me to another product, Montana Horsepower Nourishing Oil for hair and skin, with horses in mind.  We spend a lot of time with our animals and I thought why are we putting silicones and ingredients I can't even begin to pronounce in their hair and on our skin.  This sent me looking at all the great oils I use for our soaps. I created a formula to best de-tangle and nourish hair and skin while keeping it natural. 


  We are the Largest Leading Handmade Collection of Milk and Honey Soaps, and we only use the best oils and butters.  We believe that if you are going to do something you should do it to the best of your ability, which is why our soaps stand out and stand above the standard.  You will feel the difference after using them!  With the combo of milk and honey in every bar, your skin will thank you.  Not only do we have the Largest Leading Handmade Collection of Milk and Honey Soaps, but we also locally offer metal art signs.  My husband Chad is the master of this metal work, we enjoy being able to share this art with others.  


  We are most importantly family based. Raising our kids to work beside us teaching them the value of hard work and willingness to step out and take a risk into the unknown with faith. At the end of the day if you love what you're doing you will find a way to make things prosper.


  I like to think about Be the Blessing, it seemed natural to call the work we do exactly that.  We often give to others that might not ask for a handout, and to be able to share something with others is for me a way we can be the blessing to others. 

  To give encouragement and share kindness is something I pray our kids see in us as parents. I hope they can demonstrate in this in their actions, as we try to show them in our actions to others.  Words don't carry much value in the world today, actions are very truth-telling and we hope our children can line the two up and share with others.


Have a blessed day and Be the Blessing to someone today!


Julie Lander


35260 county road 129

Sidney, Mt  59270




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Handmade Soap

Milk and honey soap.

Be the Blessing Studio is the Largest Leading maker of handcrafted milk and honey soap.

Let us Bless your skin.

Created by Be the Blessing Studio 2019